Markers & Memorials




Granite, a type of rock that is composed of different minerals, is an excellent material for creating lasting monuments. It is one of nature’s hardest and most durable materials, and comes in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors for customization. The most common color in our area being “Georgia Grey” as it is quarried from an expansive deposit resting in nearby Elberton, GA. A granite monument can be a beautiful and personalized tribute to a loved one.

Granite Colors




Marble is another common gravestone material. It is readily identifiable by its White color. It is composed of the mineral calcite and is typically much softer than its granite counterpart. We create beautiful, personalized marble tombstones and monuments to help you celebrate and honor the life of your loved one. Our marble can be customized and engraved, and we can create stunning memorial pieces that reflect your loved one’s unique personality.




Bronze is a metal alloy composed mostly of copper and tin. It is commonly used in memorial garden areas where flat markers are utilized. These are handcrafted and fully customizable memorial design options. Bronze memorial plaques are typically attached to stone bases that provide additional stability. We have a variety of bronze styles to choose from, and will create a monument that is right for your loved one.