Ledgers, or slabs, are monuments that lay flat on the ground and cover most of the grave. These provide room for additional engraving, emblems, and customization. Ledgers can stand alone as a single gravestone or be an addition to another gravestone or marker. 


Uprights are monuments that typically consist of two pieces. A base sits along the ground with a taller tablet resting on top.


Single Upright

An upright monument that marks a single grave space that usually contains the name, date of birth, date of death, and sometimes other engravings or emblems.


Double Upright

A double, or companion upright monument marks two grave spaces containing names, dates, and other custom engraving.

Flat/Grass Markers

Smaller markers that can sometimes rest on top of the ground or flush with the ground. Most common are 2 foot wide by 1 foot and around 4 inches thick.

Bevel Markers:

Similar to the flat grass marker but the marker slants forward. Most common are 6 inches thick at the top of the marker slanting to 4 inches in the front.

Slant Markers:

Typically a shorter tablet with a wider base at the bottom. It can rest on the ground or atop of a base. The monument has a straight vertical back and a slanted face. These can have full face slant or a flat area on the front at the bottom commonly 2 inches which is referred to as nosing.



Memorial Benches can be found in cemeteries offering a place to rest and reflect on loved ones taking in surroundings.

Traditional Benches:

 Two individual legs and a rectangle top. There can be tapered legs or harp shaped and can include engraving.

Park Style Benches:

A bench that has legs, seat and also a back. The back can include custom engraving.

Cremation Option/Pedestal:

Special benches that include bigger legs or a pedestal as the base that the top rests upon. There can be a niche inside the legs or pedestal that a cremation urn can be placed to offer a permanent place of memorialization.


Mausoleums are external free-standing buildings constructed to inter burial caskets and do not require the use of a burial vault.



External free-standing building designed to place cremation urns into a niche. Custom engraving and design can give you a place of memorialization.


We offer vases in multiple colors and styles for memorials.


Flat front that are typically more narrow at the bottom and wider at the top. Can contain engraving or photo.


More decorative vase that is rounded with polished surface.


Square block of granite with a core hole typically placed next to or in front of monument that a flower arrangement can be placed in.